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Wedding E.Mi-Manicure

Wedding E.Mi-Manicure
For the most important day in life of each girl, the School of Nail Design presents the collection "Wedding E.Mi-Manicure". At this course You will learn how to perform 12 resplendent design options: starting from simple and tender designs and moving toward sophisticated and luxurious designs.
You will work on several techniques:
  • simple and difficult flower arrangements,
  • elements of hand painting - monograms, laces, guipure, textile folds,
  • casting techniques,
  • encrustation with rhinestones,
  • work with dusts and pigments,
  • work with accessorizes and decorations,
  • work with Naildress and Nailcrust E.Mi,
  • work with Gemty gel and Gel Liquid Stones.

This is a great course combining simple and difficult techniques.
Perfectly and carefully elaborated manicure on a bride's nails is one more masterpiece in your work-collecting box.

This course is recommended for masters who completed the basic courses "Art Painting. ABC of Lines" and "Top-10".
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Wedding E.Mi-Manicure