Courses2 levelStylized painting: flowers, fruits, wardrobe

Stylized painting: flowers, fruits, wardrobe

Stylized painting: flowers, fruits, wardrobe

The course of an art-master

2 Days

The given course is for a demanded nail designer.

The course includes original stylization and artistic draughtsmanship of flowers, fruit and clothes details:

-​ FLORAL ORNAMENTS: fleur-delis, roses, lilies, poppies, tulips, sunflowers, lady’s delight

-​ FRUIT: pears, apples, watermelons, cherry, strawberry, grapes, raspberry, peach, plum, blackberry, lemon, an orange segment.

-​ WARDROBE: rivels, lace and guipure imitation, brassieres, Burberry checked, belts and clasps.

-​ Such materials as E.MiLac, gel paints, liquid stones, velvet sand, PRINCOT are used in combination, while designing E.Mi manicure.

Practicing techniques of the thinnest lines in design will improve your skills and your clients will definitely appreciate it.

E.MiLac and gel paints are combined during the courses.

Exquisite draughtsmanship.

NAIL-TREND by Ekaterina Miroshnichenko


Every spring at world fashion runways there is a flower bloom – an attribute of feminine in different colour schemes and combinations. You can choose minimalistic pastel designs, applied on nude background, to create your own designs and inspiration based on main fashion trend.


The modern Baby-doll look is far from Barbie classical image: it is monochromic with leather details and rivets on an A-shaped silhouette. It is a real feminine manifesto out of seasons and fashion tendencies.


A fruit print is a real catch for summer nail designs. Bright cherries, pears, apples, raspberry will decorate the French design and become the main detail of a one-colour coating.

2 days
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Stylized painting: flowers, fruits, wardrobe